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Team MARSHALLTOWN Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions govern enrollment in Team MARSHALLTOWN. By becoming a member of Team MARSHALLTOWN, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the Terms and Conditions.


Tradespeople are eligible to join Team Marshalltown. Individuals wanting to join Team MARSHALLTOWN must affirmatively choose to opt-in to be a member of Team MARSHALLTOWN. Existing account holders may opt in by visiting the Team MARSHALLTOWN page and registering as a member of Team MARSHALLTOWN. Individuals who do not have an existing account may create one in the registration screen. You may register for Team MARSHALLTOWN in the account creation process or on the Team MARSHALLTOWN page once you have an account.

Benefits of Membership


One Team MARSHALLTOWN point is worth $.01. Members of Team MARSHALLTOWN will receive 5 points per dollar spent online. Points will be based on the subtotal of the transaction after promotions, points, and other necessary deductions are applied. Points will be posted to the member’s account 15 days after the order is shipped.

Team MARSHALLTOWN members can redeem points in the checkout screen. Points may be used to cover charges for products, shipping, and/or sales tax. There is no minimum or maximum point redemption requirement per transaction. Points awarded on items the member has returned will be deducted from the member’s account.

Points expire one year from the date of the Team MARSHALLTOWN member’s last transaction.

Those who place an order on and are not a Team MARSHALLTOWN member will have the option in their order receipt email to join Team MARSHALLTOWN and claim points from that transaction. To do this, customers must register from the same device and browser as when the order was placed and do so before the order invoices.


Team MARSHALLTOWN members in the contiguous United States get free standard shipping on orders of $149.00 or more. Some exclusions apply—see product page for details.


New Team MARSHALLTOWN members in the United States are eligible to claim a free Team MARSHALLTOWN gift when they place their first order as a member. Members may claim this gift up to 30 days after joining. Members will be prompted to claim the free gift during the checkout process.


MARSHALLTOWN reserves the right to change features, terms and conditions of Team MARSHALLTOWN, or revoke membership for any reason. If you have any question, please contact (833) 496-1029.