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Winter Tools

With MARSHALLTOWN winter tools, you can safely and easily remove snow and ice from your driveway, roofs, vehicles, and more. The Avalanche!® 500 and 750 have wheels and a plastic slide for removing snow, preventing ice dams, and reducing wear and tear on your asphalt, metal, cedar shake, tile, and solar panel roofs. Another great snow tool for your roof is the SnowRake! Deluxe 20, meant to keep snow off the edges of your shingled, architectural asphalt, shake, tile, metal, and solar panel roofs. For tackling the ice and snow on the ground, the MARSHALLTOWN Polar Pushers™ and wide variety of scrapers and choppers are the tools for you. The Big Rig Rake is the must-have snow tool for truckers and bus drivers, keeping snow and ice off the roof of large vehicles and semi-trailers. Check out MARSHALLTOWN’s full line of winter tools to find the best tools for you.