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Item ID: 41472
Part #: BWT71511


The BARWALT® Kirb-Perfect® Shower Curb is a stay-in-place plastic form for building perfect shower curbs and is designed to be used with a pan liner. It can be used with or without a 2x4 wood curb. With molded in dovetail connecting lugs, this curb can be used for multiple length installations. Each piece of the Kirb-Perfect® Shower Curb can be easily cut with a hacksaw, PVC cutters, or an angle grinder.
  • Build perfect shower curbs in three steps: cut, mud, and tile
  • Easily cut with PVC cutters, a hacksaw, or an angle grinder for use at multiple lengths
  • Screws and installation instructions included


Item I​D 4​1​4​7​2​

Shipping Weight
1.41 lbs
Shipping Length
30.00 in.
Shipping Width
6.00 in.
Shipping Height
1.30 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
8 pieces
Can Ship Small Package