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Avalanche! Combo Package

This Avalanche! Combo Package 1000 includes two great snow-removal products that every homeowner needs. It comes with an Avalanche! Original model 500 and a SnowRake! Deluxe 20 tool head, plus four fiberglass handle sections. Attaching the fiberglass handle sections will give you up to a 15½’ reach, allowing you to work from the ground. This kit also includes a universal adapter for the SnowRake! Deluxe 20 Head. Made in the USA with Global Materials.
  • Get two great snow-removal products in one kit
  • Kit includes Avalanche! Original model 500 and SnowRake! Deluxe 20
  • SnowRake! features 24” wide, durable plastic head with built-in wheels
  • Rake can be used on shingles, architectural asphalt, shake, tile, metal, and solar panel roofs
  • Avalanche! 500 model has 1.5” wheels designed for most asphalt shingled roofs
  • Built-in wheels designed to protect your roof against damage
  • Kit includes universal adapter for use with SnowRake!
  • Made in the USA with Global Materials
Item ID: 27142
Part #: AVA1000


Item I​D 2​7​1​4​2​

Shipping Weight
10.80 lbs
Shipping Length
47.00 in.
Shipping Width
8.00 in.
Shipping Height
4.50 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Can Ship Small Package


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