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Easily Rip Vinyl Plank Flooring with One Tool

With MARSHALLTOWN’s Vinyl Ripper, you can score and snap most types of vinyl flooring using minimal effort.


One simple way to update and bring life to your home is to replace the flooring. At some point during this process, you will need to cut the flooring planks lengthwise to fit your space. The MARSHALLTOWN Vinyl Ripper allows you to make accurate, repeatable rip-scores on vinyl products up to 9 ½” wide and 5/16” thick, plus it’s safer than using a utility knife. It rips flooring to the desired width by scoring the surface, allowing you to snap the flooring to the perfect size without dust, noise, or electricity.

The Vinyl Ripper works with most types of vinyl plank flooring, including luxury vinyl plank (LVP), luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), wood plastic composite (WPC), rigid vinyl plank (RVP), stone plastic composite (SPC), and waterproof core and loose-lay. The Vinyl Ripper does not work effectively to score and snap laminate flooring or any flooring with hardwood or bamboo veneer.

types of flooring


The Vinyl Ripper is the perfect flooring tool for both pros and DIYers and is simple to use — just follow four steps.

Step 1: Set Up

Set-up is key to making the ripper work properly. To get started, rotate the scoring blade wheel adjustment knob counterclockwise to raise the scoring blade. Then, unlock the guide fence by releasing the latch lever.

turning knob
unlock guide fence


Step 2: Put the Vinyl Ripper in Place

Place the vinyl ripper over the flooring and adjust the guide fence so it’s against the edge. Next, pull the guide fence away about 1/16” of an inch and lock it in place. This detail seems small, but it will allow for easy movement.

position vinyl ripper
unlock scoring blade


Step 3: Align and Adjust the Scoring Blade

Once the guide fence is in place, unlock the scoring blade and align it with the cut line on the flooring and lock it into place. The built-in arrow indicator on the front makes alignment easy.

Align with cut line
cut line


Next, you need to adjust the scoring blade until it just touches the surface of the flooring plank, and then rotate the knob clockwise about a half-turn to one full turn. Make sure you don’t over-adjust the knob as this can damage the scoring blade.

adjust scoring blade
scoring blade close up


Step 4: Time to Rip

Now it’s time to rip! Start by placing your hand on the scoring adjustment knob not the carrying handle. Apply even forward pressure and slide the ripper along the entire length of the flooring plank.

place hand on knob


If the flooring has a rubber or foam backer, or if you prefer an easier snap, flip the piece end for end and score the backside, in line with your first score line. Rolling the plank over will result in mismatched scoring. Now you can snap the flooring apart for the finished piece.



For an easier snap or for snapping narrow pieces, use duck billed or sheet metal pliers. If the flooring isn’t snapping easily, adjust the scoring blade down slightly and rip it several more times.

duck billed plier

Pro Tip

The cut edge should always be placed along a wall and covered with baseboard, quarter round, or base shoe molding.

The Vinyl Ripper will rip multiple flooring pieces with the original scoring blade. However, a replacement blade is required once the blade is dull. Make sure to check out the Vinyl Ripper manual to correctly maintain your tool and replace the blade.

Using the MARSHALLTOWN Vinyl Ripper will bring ease, accuracy, and cleanliness to your next flooring project. Remember, this tool works for most types of vinyl flooring; however, it is not compatible with laminate flooring or any flooring with hardwood or bamboo veneer.

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